What We Do Differently


       We Specialize 

      MATRIX is a small, focused organization. In a world where CROs have become massive,

expensive and impersonal,  MATRIX offers world-class, personal and cost-effective 
services and alternative strategies to get you to market sooner. 

      We are focused specifically on medical devices, diagnostics and combination products containing a medical device component. Our expertise and focus have been proven for getting early approvals and clearances. 


      The Firm's in-house Ph.D. level scientists 
bring additional depth of understanding to complex medico-legal issues. 

The Big Picture      

      We understand the Big Picture.
We integrate science and business into your regulatory strategies. We have a business focus to integrate your regulatory plans with your corporate success.

We Perform
We have been in business for more than 25 years and have never spent one dollar on advertising or marketing. We have grown by word-of-mouth, client referrals, and returning clients with new business. 

 We Save Client Money

      MATRIX is a low-cost consulting firm.
In addition, due to our integrated focus and experience, we are able to accelerate new products and technologies through the FDA regulatory maze more rapidly, further reducing client costs. 

 We Get Results

     Our focused and integrated approach produces earlier FDA approvals and clearances. 

 We Offer Significantly Discounted Rates to Start-Ups
We make frequent trips to India, Singapore and Australia for face-to-face meetings with our clients.
In addition, we train Boards of Directors in their corporate regulatory governance responsibilities for Quality System and regulatory compliance.